J.M. Culver

Studio Number: 505
Primary Medium: Painting
Secondary Medium: Drawing

Through a combination of painting and drawing, J. M. Culver explores relationships, allegories, and the complexities of the human condition. She creates large-scale subjective narratives that evoke an emotional response and create a dialogue with the viewer. Culver regularly exhibits her work, curates exhibitions, and is very active in the arts community.

Website: jmculver.com
Facebook: facebook.com
Etsy: jmculver.etsy.com
Email: info@jmculver.com

Second Saturdays: yes
Open for Art-A-Whirl: yes

MN Original Video

Figurative artist J. M. Culver creates large-scale sketches of family narratives and emotional subject matter. With personal subjects like her schizophrenic grandfather, Culver uses visual journaling to work through emotions and piece her ideas together, appropriating from vintage photography and publications. With a feel for the subject, Culver intuitively sketches the final forms, smudging atmospheric charcoals and acrylics with great immediacy. Culver uses the size of her works, which can measure 13 feet tall, to confront viewers and encourage emotional resonance between her art and audiences.

J.M. Culver