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Hilary Greenstein

Hilary Greenstein is a small person who is obsessed with making towering paintings. She graduated from MCAD a few years ago, but has always been an artist and painter. Painting is her favorite task to get lost in, especially while listening to podcasts and drinking lots of coffee.  Her paintings are inspired by stories, found photos, and figures.

She builds and stretches all her canvases in her studio, currently working with the dimensions of a door (83”x 34”). Working on 2-4 paintings at a time, Hilary focuses first on the abstract backgrounds, using house paint, oils, pastels, and collage elements to create the color environment. Then begins her favorite part: adding figures.

She is a figurative painter, and adds figures to all of her large scale paintings. She makes digital collages from old found photos as sketches to plan the composition of each painting. Then she uses a projector to precisely position the figure or figures on the canvas and as a means to quickly sketch them in in oil pastel. Then, she begins adding the figures, fueled by studio snacks, Taco Bell runs, and Mojo coffee.

Hilary typically works in her studio during the day, especially when she has days off from her other job. She also finds that coming in for an hour or two that before her day job is equally important, because those small chunks of time not only add up, but being on a time constraint can make her more focused. With new projects or deadlines, she occasionally pulls late nights in the studio as well.

She loves the California Building and her studio as a space to create and get inspired, but she also enjoys being a part of a community of artists. She is especially thrilled to be on the Second floor, where artists collaboratively work to display and run the On2 Gallery. You can find Hilary in Studio 206A during Second Saturday Open Studios, Art-A-Whirl, and California Dreamin’. 

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Hilary Greenstein

Hilary Greenstein